Frequently Asked Questions

Are incontinence supplies covered?

No, there is an extra charge for diapers and or depends, but if resident does not want to pay extra, family has the option to provide diapers or depends on their own.

Are nutritional supplements covered? (boost, ensure).

No, there will be an additional charge for supplements or family can provide them a Doctors order is required.

Is this service covered by Medicare or any other insurance?

Medicare does not cover this type of care. VA benefits can offer some assistance.

Is transportation covered?

No, transportation is arranged at additional cost.

What is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly?

This model normally has 6 senior residents cared for in a residential household setting with 24 hour supervision. Many of these homes are able to tend to aging adults that would otherwise not be able to reside at home alone. RCFEs may also be known as assisted living facilities, retirement homes and board and care homes. These facilities are not medical facilities.

What is the cost of these facilities?

Cost vary according to the level of care.